The Good Pastor…

Hello Kittens, did you know I love two things; horror and smut. Since it's the holy month of Pride (cue the rainbows and the EDM) and I realized I've never shared any of the smuttier stuff I've written, so I've decided to deliver unto you a short (it's not the size that counts) story, to... Continue Reading →

Interesting times for an Anxious mind:

Who Invited Them? If you ask any Golden Girls’ fan, they’ll tell you the best moments, the best episodes, in fact, are those with our fab four gathered around their iconic kitchen table late one night. It’s not ideal for us to be around a table to laugh, eat, and discuss life while we share... Continue Reading →

Meet the Author (he’s sort of okay)

He-He-Hellooo, so I spotted on Insta and Twitter, these accounts doing a “this is me” post for all the newbies who follow them. I liked the idea and with my new book coming out (shameless plug #1), I thought I'd do one too. But as I tend to scroll past those rather unceremoniously, I decided... Continue Reading →

a new edition of my slasher opus will be coming soon! Welcome to Camp Horizons, where they pray all day…and get slayed all night! Nestled against scenic Lake Never, recently outed Tyler Wills has arrived at the secluded conversion camp, where the delusional staff of counselors believes he and his fellow camper’s queer affliction can... Continue Reading →

Interesting times for an Anxious mind

To quote my favorite animated kid’s movie, “I’m a donkey on the edge.” Last Monday night, I was meditating under the full moon, happy that retrograde was over and ready to have a kick-ass week. Tuesday, I finished up some submissions for my writing and sent them out, packets I was very proud of. But... Continue Reading →

Perky Girl on Rollerblades

The following is my entry into the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Contest - had 24hrs to write a 1k word thriller, set in a tanning salon which had to have rollerblades incorporated into it. As Joan Collins once said, I adore a challenge. Pleased to say out of the thirty people, where only the top... Continue Reading →

an excerpt from Despicable People

Please enjoy this tidbit of an excerpt from my upcoming release, Despicable People.  I look past the touchy-feely trio and into the DJ booth. With his dark brown hair, fair skin with a little scruff on his face, and gorgeous dark eyes. The DJ is known as Joey Watts. He’s very handsome and the newest... Continue Reading →

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