How’d you get past security?

You may be asking yourself, where am I? How’d I get here? Who is this Eric David Roman…and why is he so unusual? (sorry, Cyndi)

Well gentle reader, hopeful new bestie, he spent twenty years wandering the wrong paths; he tends to get lost a lot (hey…I’m from Florida). Worked the wrong jobs (as it turns out, streetwalking – not a profession for just anyone), focused on the wrong avenues of life and avoided his true passion—writing. So, cue the inspirational music, after a harsh dark night of the soul he rearranged his thinking (I’m like 75% less anxious and depressed now), got a little spiritual (but not all in-your-face about it) and decided to follow his passion fully (well, I do as much as my gAyDD allows). An enthusiast of yet to be determined things, he loves all things horror, camp, and queer; and please sashay away if you’re not a fan of the LGBTQ+ community. The elder millennial (makes me sound fancy don’t it?) lives quietly in his own neurodivergent world writing and creating. When not selfishly hidden away in his office, he’s loving on his husband and adoring his cat (I’m not like a regular cat-dad…I’m a cool cat-dad).

Since you’ve come this far, why not come…all the way, and take a look around. Have a cup of tea, stretch out, chill, we don’t take things too serious here. You’ll find more about Eric’s novels, a couple blogs (more on the way), a few stories (more of those coming too, sheesh, I’m not a machine). It’s non-stop party for one and all. So browse, enjoy, but leave by 9, okay?

Kisses (of the consensual kind of course),


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