How’d you get past security?

Who is Eric David Roman you’re asking?  What a question gentle reader, what a question indeed. I am a writer, a lover, a scoundrel, often accused of crimes I did not commit or did I? Sexually Fluid – but not what you think, I just really find fluids sexy; oil, water, ice cream once its melted. Rampant homosexual – that is what you think. An enthusiast (of yet to be determined things), horror film lover, cat lover, not big on marsupials though, I find them pretentious. Dolphins rape – never forget that. A horrible tattoo artist, and part-time whore. I write things on paper and then move that paper to the computer where I rewrite it until it becomes a work of literature; which you’ll then read and tell me how amazing I am. It’s a vicious cycle but it works for me. Since you’re here now, come inside and take a look around, there’s more about my novels, a couple blogs, a few stories. A party for one and all…just leave by 9.


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