Spooky Season Storytime: Phone Tree

Things get humorous and gory when a group of horror icons, different enough to avoid any copywrite infringement of course, are thrust begrudgingly together after being conjured by an annoying group of teens. It's a horror-comedy that's like no other - well maybe not like no other, I didn't really google if that was a... Continue Reading →

The Good Pastor…

Hello Kittens, did you know I love two things; horror and smut. Since it's the holy month of Pride (cue the rainbows and the EDM) and I realized I've never shared any of the smuttier stuff I've written, so I've decided to deliver unto you a short (it's not the size that counts) story, to... Continue Reading →

Perky Girl on Rollerblades

The following is my entry into the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Contest - had 24hrs to write a 1k word thriller, set in a tanning salon which had to have rollerblades incorporated into it. As Joan Collins once said, I adore a challenge. Pleased to say out of the thirty people, where only the top... Continue Reading →

an excerpt from Despicable People

Please enjoy this tidbit of an excerpt from my upcoming release, Despicable People.  I look past the touchy-feely trio and into the DJ booth. With his dark brown hair, fair skin with a little scruff on his face, and gorgeous dark eyes. The DJ is known as Joey Watts. He’s very handsome and the newest... Continue Reading →

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