official synopsis/street date of Despicable People

Happy to announce that Despicable People will be available on 4/20/2016! (in Ebook form – paperback to follow very shortly) but while we wait here’s the synopsis:

  All I wanted was a quiet evening at home with my two loves: my comfy couch and Netflix. With everyone I knew otherwise engaged I was all alone. The only interruption I could foresee would be Netflix’s pushy insistence to know if I’m still there watching. Why Netflix? Why do you even care? Look even if I’m dead, my corpse isn’t leaving the apartment until this 30 Rock re-watch is complete.

        Then comes the painful realization, I was out of weed. Yep, the grass, the Mary Jane, the ganja! So what starts as a simple drug run sends me down a rabbit hole. Right into the arms of the depraved and morally corrupt denizens of my fair city: from a self-proclaimed renegade rapist intent on terrorizing frat houses. To the street anthropologist, tagging and releasing Hipsters back into the wild.

        If I ever plan to park my adorably cute ass back on the couch again, I’ll have to escape the clutches of a sex starved four hundred pound stripper. Try to lose the gentleman with a freakish surprise in their pants. And hope the Judge pardons me when I stumble into a kangaroo court, where bad grammar is punishable by death! I just go along for the ride, hoping that my next leap is the leap home…wait that’s not my story. That’s Quantum Leap.

All I wanted was an eighth, all I got were Despicable People.

Thanks everyone and get ready to meet all of the despicable people on 4/20   (hehehehe  get it 😉

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